Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Marriage Destroyer

Wreaking Havoc

Some readers have been asking me whether what I wrote is true and how could I be so mean?

As I'm getting tired answering every inquiries, I would like them to refer them to this blog's disclaimer. I hope by reading the disclaimer it will stop any questioning hereafter.

Well, that has been taken of. Now let's get on with the rest of the story. As a precaution, whatever you gonna read please remember the DISCLAIMER, kah kah kah!

Until now I'm still wondering, why did the fake Little Mermaid was so mad at me and vowed to wreak havoc upon my life. I really don't mind if it was me she was after, but the morning she picked up her mobile to call my beloved wife, she has unwisely declaring war with me. She has no other purpose than to destroy my sacred marriage. Maybe she thought after calling my honey-pie, my dear wife will turn on me with vengeance for having an affair behind her back!

My God, she has no idea who is my sweet little wife? My sweetheart is never anything like the fake Little Mermaid. She got class unlike the Marriage Destroyer who would shout, attacked and scratching her victim with her long fingernails without asking first. Always staying true with her motto, scratch first, questions later! Kah! Kah! Kah!

Let me pictures several scenario for the Marriage Destroyer to ponder;

1. Was it my mistake when you finally ends up marrying an addict?

2. Was it my mistake again for you being so choosy and ends up marrying the wrong guy whereas you had so many suitors? The one who took your virgin and taught you all the arts of f@#$%&*! Oops, let us be discreet here. The arts of making love. That's much better, don't you think?

3. Then there was your swimming student. After every swimming session, both of you would take a bath together, washing each other body and so forth. Let not get into every details coz I'm sure you can reviewed the scene very well.

4. There was many others which will take several pages to list out all of their names. Yeah I know, like you always mentioned they were all very eligible, very wealthy, handsome and who treated you like a princess (your claimed, not mine).

5. But please bear in mind Marriage Destroyer, all those guys you proudly mentioned happened to come to your life about ten years ago when you were in your early twenties. You've been living in a world of fantasy. Please come back to earth coz all of them are married now. They have their own life and families. Or do you intent to wreak havoc to their married life too like you did to me?

6. Enough is enough. Go on and take care of your husband. No matter how bad he was, he is still your husband


AnnDee72 said...

women!! haha!! just ignore her! don't let her take a space in your mind even a bit! tho' this blog and a kind not necessary in here at the first place i think.. just ignore her and it will make her feeling blue everyday and maybe consider to stop act like this!

she just need your bit attention. even the worst come from you, never give her a chance! just tell your wife a hope a little understanding from you lovely wife and i think all of this will stop.

yea.. only you know her very well. at the end, only you know how to settle it wisely.. i believe in you. I know you can handle it like a piece of cake hehe..

Just my 2 cents.. and good luck to you bro..

regards to your beloved wife :)

DESA PUTRA said...

Salam NANA..

Kenyataan no. 6 tu.... den agree... apo orang nak kato den tak kisah sebab den yo yang konal manikan luar dalam...!!!!

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